About Us

Jacqueline Shaw is a London-based online jewellery store devoted to the finest freshwater pearl jewellery. We dedicate ourselves to the design, production and distribution of great quality freshwater and saltwater pearl jewellery. We are proud to offer our customers the very best pearl jewellery with exquisite designs delivered with outstanding customer care to ensure you complete satisfaction.

Our Belief

Jacqueline Shaw was founded in 2007 out of a desire to bring European customers great quality pearl jewellery without the exorbitant prices charged by high street jewellers. We love pearls, and we adore the fact that they are the only gemstone that is nurtured and formed within live oyster instead of being mined from the earth. Pearls are gems with a soul. We believe that everyone who loves pearls as much as we do should be able to indulge themselves in quality pearl jewellery without paying high street prices.

Our Prices

Jacqueline Shaw pearl jewellery is offered to you at remarkably lower price points than high street jewellers charge for pieces with the same pearl rating standards due to two factors. First, we work directly with pearl farms based in China and Japan, and thus avoid middlemen and their markups. All our pearls are hand-picked at the oyster farms, and then made into high quality pearl jewellery before being shipped directly over to our UK distribution centre. Two, as a leanly operated online business without a retail shop and retail staff, we keep our operating costs extremely low, the benefit of which is reflected in our prices.

Our Quality

All pearls used in our jewellery are authentic freshwater pearls with excellent quality. Our quality controllers always ensure that every single pearl that we offer to our customers is strictly hand-picked and precisely rated. The descriptions of the products on our website are always informative and reliable. Finding customers who appreciate a good piece of pearl jewellery as much as we do is like finding a good friend, and we take great pleasure in sharing our love of pearls with you.

Unlike most other retailers, our six-month quality guarantee covers all items, including those on special offer. We also offer a 2 months 'no questions asked' returns and exchange policy. We will do all we can to make sure that you find that perfect piece of pearl jewellery.

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