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  • Pearl Jewellery Knows No Age Limits

    A look into the wonderful jewellery styles of Carmilla, Prince Charles' second wife.

  • Packing Pearls for Your Hols

    Finding it hard to decide which of your beautiful jewellery to take on holiday with you? Here are some handy tips for choosing and packing your jewellery for holiday.

  • 2018 Wedding Trends: Minimalist & Natural

    Wedding trends of 2018 - this year it's all about getting back to nature, minimalism and elegance over extravagance.

  • On St. Patrick’s Day, Even Pearls Claim Irish Roots!

    Planning to dress to impress for St Patrick's Day? Pearls

  • Celebrating Her Wisdom with Pearl Jewellery

    Is this the year you want to get something amazing for your wife, your mom or your sister? Pearl jewellery is a beautiful way to tell her you see her and all she has quietly done over the years.

  • What Does Mum Want for Christmas? Pearls!

    Mum spends most of her time shopping for kids, and she might be so busy that you think she doesn't care about accessories. Maybe she's not gonna splash out for a beautiful piece of jewellery on herself, so why not treat her to something special this Christmas?

  • Pearl Christmas Gifts for 20-Somethings

    Pearl jewellery is a perfect Christmas present for any woman of any age, but you probably should pick slightly different styles according to the lady's age group and general preferences. Here are some tips about picking the perfect gifts for your 20-something lady friend.

  • 6 Reasons Pearl Jewellery Is the Perfect Romantic Gift

    Tips for gentlemen: 6 Reasons why pearl jewellery are the best romantic gift for your special someone.

  • YSL Museums Opening in Paris & Marrakech

    In October 2017 the world gains two new places to admire the artistry of the late fashion great Yves Saint Laurent. The Parish museum opens first, with another in Marrakech, Morocco scheduled to open weeks later. These two cities are where YSL himself made his home and found his inspiration. Now fans of fashion and art have new destinations in these cities.

  • Tips for the Bride: How to Make Your Bridesmaids Happy

    The bride to be is up to her eyes in decisions. Picking a pearl necklace, deciding on a hairstyle. It's easy to neglect the ladies who have agreed to help you. Here's a few tips on keeping those close ties intact as you prepare for your big day together.

  • 2017 TV BAFTAs Styles and Summer Fashion Forecast

    One of the most fun things about the TV BAFTAs is that they give you some inspiration for your summer fashions.

  • French Exhibit Reminds Us Fashion Is Art

    ​Esteemed fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy is opening a retrospective exhibit at the Lace and Fashion Museum in Calais, France. Let's take a trip together back to admire his life's work.

  • Princess Diana’s Pearls

    The late Princess Diana has been in the spotlight a lot this summer. As we recall her distinctive charm, we are also reminded of her stunning sense of style – especially her love of pearl jewellery.

  • Short & Sweet Wedding Pearl Chokers

    If you are torn between trendy and traditional for your wedding look, happily you have an option that gives you the best of both worlds: the pearl choker.

  • Why This Summer Fashion Trend Needs a Pearl Choker

    Pearl chokers are perfect for the deconstructed shirt for the Spring / Summer fashion 2017.

  • Diamonds and pearls are pretty pink

    Pink diamonds and pink pearls are making a comeback this year. Check out our favourite pink pearl collection for 2017!

  • Wedding Pearls of Wisdom: Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

    Is your wedding guest list getting hopelessly long? It's always so hard to decide whom to invite and whom not to, worrying about offending this acquaintance or that. A destination wedding might be a great solution to filter down your wedding list to the precious few that matter the most, but there could also be some drawbacks.

  • Do You Have What You Need for the Christmas Season Parties?

    December is Christmas party season, and your team at work might throw the biggest team party of the year. What jewellery and outfit should you pick to look beautiful for the festival occasions? Here are a few ideas.

  • Wedding Pearls of Wisdom: Wrapping Up Warm for Your Winter Wedding

    Winter weddings can be especially romantic and unforgettable, and even better if you can catch a lovely bit of soft falling snow. However, it will be a long day with the ceremony and entertaining guests! Here are a few ideas from Jacqueline Shaw to stay warm and comfortable for your winter wedding with clever choice of shoulder wrap and footwear.

  • The Christmas Gift for Her with the Ultimate Wow Factor

    Christmas is here again! It's always a bit hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend, wife, or loved one. If your loved one is into style and fashion, timeless and elegant freshwater pearls might be just the perfect thing, instead of something she's like for a few days and forget about. Introducing a few designs in our pearl jewellery collection that are a bit more unconventional and unforgettable.

  • Celebrate Your Love at Christmas Time

    ​Christmas is just around the corner! Buying Christmas presents can be fun and exciting - but can be a real chore and not something that everyone looks forward to. So what ideas are original, but are also 'safe bets' that are unlikely to backfire?

  • Wedding Pearls of Wisdom: How to Have a Wonderful Winter Wedding

    Winter can be a fantastic season for weddings if well executed. So long as you avoid Christmas time, venues and other elements would be much more affordable, and a lovely snowy weather can bring an extra romantic touch to your special day.

  • Do You Have the One and Only Accessory You Need for Your Autumn Sun Break?

    Preparing for an autumn holiday to somewhere hot for a 'pick me up' before winter starts? Whether you are planning on the Canary islands, Cape Verde, or Sharm El Sheik, pearls are the perfect jewellery for beach wear - being the gemstone that is born in water.

  • Pretty Freshwater Pearl Necklaces for Patio and Poolside

    Sheath, V-neck or Boho? Summer provides endless possibilities to dress up for your best look. And of course, pearls styles to go with every taste!

  • Freshwater Pearl Necklaces for Autumn Allure

    Long pearl ropes will be the centre stage this autumn, a great piece of investment for a multi-styling jewellery for your treasure box.

  • Tulle skirts and pearls: rock this summer with the modern princess look

    Who else loves tulle skirts? The perfect princess look with a modern twist look especially fabulous when you pick the right pearls to go with it!

  • The Timeless Style of Three-Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

    Article about one of the most classic luxury pearl jewellery designs, the three strand princess length pearl necklace. This is a statement look much loved by celebrities and royalty; also a very popular wedding jewellery style. Inspiration with Jacqueline Shaw

  • Comparing AAA pearls and AA pearls - Angelina and Katie collections

    A close look at the difference between AA and AAA rated freshwater pearls. When you wear them with different styles of dresses and for different occasion, a subtly different looks the different ratings can give you.

  • How to Bring the Fabulousness of the 1950s to Your Wedding

    For brides who love a bit of vintage fashion and want something different for their Big Day, having a 1950's themed wedding might be a great option. As a post war recovery era, 1950s was fantastic in terms of fashion, food and music.

  • Is Your Mum a Real Gem? Let Her Know!

    Not sure what to get for your mum for Mother's Day? Here are a few of our favourite picks for Mother's Day gifts. Classic design pearl jewellery that she can wear to many different occasions - pearls are forever.

  • Coco before Chanel

    Get inspired by Coco Chanel's multiple strand pearls and little black dress look, her courage and genius.

  • Vilma Banky and her sassy creativity with pearls

    Vilma Banky (9 January 1901 – 18 March 1991) was a silent film star that may be little known today, but she was a lady with rare talent in her time and an important part of the Hollywood scene in the 1920s and 1930s. Her taste and use of pearl jewellery were also very notable.

  • Yvonne de Carlo and Her Taste in Pearl Jewellery

    With her trademark long hair and curvy figures, 1950s movie star Yvonne de Carlo was also well known for her amazing style and fashion taste. Let's take a look at how she styled herself for different occasions with pearls.

  • Famous song writers who love pearls

    As the only gemstone created out of living beings, pearls have always been both a cherished gem and the symbol for purity, wisdom, value and life. Pearls have often been featured in literature and music.

  • Why Do Pearls in Pendants Seem More Expensive Than Those in Necklaces?

    Why do a single pearl used in a pendant cost as much as a whole strand of them? This is a question that often bothers first time pearl buyers. Here's a guide on how pearls are rated and priced, and why such big price differences exists between pendant pearls and strand pearls.

  • 10 Reasons to Love Pearls

    10 reasons why freshwater pearls should be one of your favourite gemstones.

  • What do Pearls Symbolise?

    Pearls are not only a beautiful gemstone much loved by jewellers and jewellery loves, they are also one of the most symbolic gemstones. Find out why.

  • How to accessorise your wedding and bridesmaid dresses with freshwater pearls

    A few inspirations from Jacqueline Shaw about picking the perfect pearl jewellery for your bridal and bridesmaids dresses.

  • Protecting Your Freshwater Pearl Jewellery when Travelling

    We love pearls and hate to see them getting damaged! Don't spray chemical hairsprays over your pearl necklace is a good start, but what about when you go traveling? Packing jewellery for travel is always a tricky thing. Here are a few tips.

  • Farewell to an Iconic Legend Shirley Temple

    In memory of Shirley Temple, who has led a beautiful life both as an actress and a philanthropist.

  • Mother of bride? Choose the right pearl jewellery for your daughter's Big Day

    What pearls to pick for the Big Day of your daughter? You probably want to go for something elegant and luxurious, but not take the focus away from your daughter. Here are a few picks from our pearl jewellery collections.

  • The Perfect Pearls for Your Maid of Honour

    Pick the perfect pearls for your bridesmaids, get them something that will make them look beautiful on your wedding day that are also suitable for other occasions.

  • How to Pick the Perfect Pearl Jewellery for Photo shoot

    Pearls are fantastic for photoshoots. The famous Louise Brooks long pearls strand photo series is an inspiration for fashionistas. If you are planning to be the subject of a photoshoot, here are a few tips on picking the perfect pearls.

  • Why Pearls are Hot Stuff in Hollywood

    Pearls are as hot as Hollywood itself, judging by the number of stars wearing them through the years. The trend is demure pearl necklaces worn with glamorous and sexy outfits, creating an attention grabbing contrast in styles which fashion designers and commentators absolutely love.

  • Keep Your Freshwater Pearls Gorgeous with Proper Storage

    Tips on the best ways to store your freshwater pearl jewellery to make sure that they keep their natural lustre and shine over time. Pearls usually do last forever, but you'll have to make sure not to damage them with the chemical elements in the daily cosmetics!

  • Keeping it Light This Summer with Delicate Pearl Pendants

    Pearl pendants are a great option for summer season, as they work well with off the shoulder, halter neck tops and other top with low neckline. Here are a few of our favourite summer fashion pearls.

  • St Patrick's Day Pearls - A few tips for Irish pearl lovers

    St Patrick's Day is a big occasion for our Irish ladies, and of course you'll have to dress to impress and get ready for the celebration, drinking and socialising. Black pearls with green overtone work really well with your outfit that probably has elements of green in it. Here are our picks.

  • Our top spring wedding pearls

    It’s not too late to add some gorgeous pearl jewellery to your spring wedding ensemble, and not matter what your taste or wedding dress style, you can find the perfect spring wedding pearls to go with it.

  • Never Mix, Never Worry? Tips on Pearl Jewellery Styles

    The saying might hold true for cocktails, but what about pearl jewellery styles? If you slip on your favourite freshwater pearl pendant, should you play it safe and stick with your pearl stud earrings or go for a mix and match look?

  • Remembering Audrey Hepburn

    In memory of Audrey Hepburn, a woman whose name has become the very meaning of beauty, elegance and a cultural phenomenon. She has led an incredibly enriching life both as a film star and a philanthropist.

  • Exploring the Birthplace of Freshwater Pearls

    Where do freshwater pearls come from? You probably have a vague idea that they are grown out of oysters. Let's take a short trip to the birth place of cultured freshwater pearls, in Japan.

  • Who Was the Girl with a Pearl Earring?

    An element of mystery is present in some of the greatest paintings, including Johannes Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring. Art lovers have pondered the identity of the model wearing that stunning drop pearl earring for generations. Who was she?

  • Not Your Grandmother’s Wedding Pearls

    Try a completely different look for your wedding pearls, instead of using the traditional styles that are probably your grandmother's family treasure, try a different look with pearls that are not white, and not round.

  • Lauren Bacall: Her Classic Strength Will Continue to Inspire

    Lauren Bacall was the classic film noir femme fatale, but we adored her no matter how wicked her characters were. She had an incredibly taste in fashion styles and jewellery, and has led an most extraordinary life.

  • The Magic of an Autumn Wedding in Ireland and Which Wedding Pearls to Choose

    Autumn weddings could be a great option if you want to avoid the peak summer wedding season which drive the venue prices up and logistics more hectic. Here are a few tips from us for a beautiful autumn wedding.

  • Looking for Something Different? How about pearls with colours?

    A look at Jacqueline Shaw's colourful pearl jewellery collections, making your wardrobe more interesting; and yes all our coloured freshwater pearls come with natural organic colouring - the colour is fully integrated in the nacre and thus never wears off.

  • Why Freshwater Pearls

    Why do pearls stay as women's favourite kind of gemstone over centuries? This article tells us about what is special about pearls.

  • The Story of Cultured Pearls

    History of cultured pearls and how the pearl culturing technique came about in Japan with its inventor Mikimoto.

  • How to Choose Pearl Jewellery

    Tips and advices by Jacqueline Shaw about how to choose the most suitable pearl jewellery.

  • Distinguishing Real and Faux Pearls

    Learn how to tell real pearls from fake pearls, make informed and confident purchase decisions

  • Caring for your Pearls

    Your pearls are an heirloom. They were not designed to be yours alone, but to be passed down to your daughter, daughter in law, niece or granddaughter. Maybe we love pearls so much because they are strong and delicate at the same time, like all of us. And when you find something you love, you want to take care of it and make sure it lasts as it was meant to. Your pearls are no different.