2018 Wedding Trends: Minimalist & Natural

Peak wedding season is drawing closer, and some solid trends for 2018 weddings are emerging. Things are looking very elegantly minimalist with a nod to Mother Nature at this year's weddings, and it's gorgeous. With so many ways to interpret and personalise these broad themes, couples can be on trend while still putting their own unique, personal stamp on their big day. Every couple can take what they love from the current wedding trends and ignore what they don't like. Happily, pearl jewellery works perfectly with this trend. It's sleek and it harkens to the sea, embracing the trend to bringing nature in to weddings. Weddings are a time to celebrate who you are together, which is a deeply personal thing. But here's a look at what is trending, so you can see if any of it inspires you.

The minimalist wedding trend shows up in sleek wedding dresses with long lines and few ruffles and flourishes. Lace hasn't been exiled, but it is used in single layers such as fitted lace sleeves. A single strand of freshwater pearls is the perfect touch. Open necklines bring focus to the bridal jewellery, and a pearl necklace is an impeccable choice. Simple, san serif fonts for invitations and place names are ideal. Table centrepieces are lower and more subtle, which makes it easier for people to talk with those across the table. Less is more when it comes to decorations for the reception and the ceremony.

Pearl Jewellery Adds a Natural Touch to Your Wedding

Weddings in 2018 are also incorporating some whimsical touches from nature. Foliage is big. Well, it is popular but not large! Reception venues are sporting more stripped- down looks, with some simple swags of greenery instead of large flower arrangements. We're seeing more greenery and branches, and fewer showy flowers. Wedding jewellery is mirroring this trend. A pearl necklace fits this look better than a splash of sparkle. Freshwater pearls also look stunning with the muted, earthy tones popular for 2018 weddings.

In addition to increasingly popular pearl wedding choker, we are seeing freshwater pearls used to embellish wedding dresses and hair styles. No matter how you work pearl jewellery into your wedding look, it adds a sense of calm, elegance and natural beauty. Pearls aren't flashy, just stunning. And we associate them more with nature than we do diamonds or other dazzling gemstones.

The great thing about these two trends, aside from how well they both work with pearl wedding jewellery, is that they flatter just about everyone. When the venue is decorated with a minimalist theme, it puts the focus on people. We talk more. And yes, the wedding couple stand out instead of getting lost in the extravagant decorations. Colours come and go, and bright shades will flatter some but not others. This year's focus on soft, neutral tones offers a range of hues so every couple can find the precise shade that works best for them.

Sanremo pearl wedding choker

Sanremo - single strand wedding choker

Portofino - double strand wedding pearl choker

Portofino - double strand wedding pearl choker