6 Reasons Pearl Jewellery Is the Perfect Romantic Gift

It isn't always easy to pick a romantic gift for the woman in your life, and it won't be long before the pressure is on to find the ultimate romantic Christmas present. Some ladies are great about dropping hints, but what if she doesn't? You could ask her friends about the perfect gifts for her, or you could wing it. Both of those options involve an element of risk. Practical gifts can backfire. They don't always send the message that you adore her. Ask any man who has made the mistake of purchasing a domestic appliance for his wife. But there is one thing that makes a perfect romantic Christmas gift: freshwater pearl jewellery. Not convinced? Here are six reasons pearls are perfect under the tree.

1.Once, only royalty wore pearls. Before we figured out how to cultivate freshwater pearls, finding them in oysters was a painstaking and dangerous task with a pretty low return. Because they were so scarce, only royalty wore them. So a pearl necklace is a beautiful way to tell her she is the queen of your heart.

2.Pearl jewellery has a serious wow factor. The glimmer of these stunning gems will be matched by the light in her eyes. Pearls are gorgeous. If you are hoping for a great reaction at Christmas, pearls should do it.

3.Unlike other accessories, they do not go out of style. Women of any age, style and lifestyle love pearls. She can wear them for the rest of her life.

4.She'll think of you every time she wears them, which will be often. Pearls are equally perfect for a board meeting, a ballroom or a barbeque. A pearl necklace is not going to sit abandoned in her jewellery box. She'll use them often. You could say the same about a hoover or a toaster, but really, she will far happier thoughts about you when she puts on pearls than when she fires up the hoover.

5.Buying jewellery can be intimidating. Buying anything that comes in a range colours and styles for your partner can be downright terrifying. But pearl jewellery is easy. A classic single strand pearl necklace or a pair of pearl stud earrings is always the right colour, style and size for any woman.

6.While a gift of pearl jewellery is very romantic and says you really care, it doesn't say anything you don't intend to say. Buying her a diamond can say more than you want to say just yet. Pearls will not cause any confusion.

Of course, pearl jewellery is also easy to wrap, and you can shop for it online instead of trudging through shop after shop. Those are compelling reasons for the giver, but not guarantees she'll love it. But she will love pearls. Winter is a time to get cosy and romantic. If you are looking for the ultimate romantic Christmas present, you can't go wrong with pearl jewellery. The only question is which piece would she love the most.

Here are a few of our classic pearl jewellery which we recommend as the best romantic gifts for Christmas

Angelina Princess Pearl Necklace

Angelina princess pearl necklace

This absolute timeless classic Princess pearl necklace is a perfect addition to her jewellery box, made with the top grade AAA quality freshwater pearls with a lovely ivory hue and cream overtone, with 99% blemish free surface. This is a piece that won't go wrong - unless she already has one!

Sanremo Pearl Choker

Sanremo pearl choker

Sanremo is one of our latest hot designs, with a long extension chain, Sanremo can be worn as a tight pearl choker, classic Grace Kelly style, which is a very sexy look that goes with either business outfits or a low neck evening dress. It can also be worn as a classic princess pearl necklace if you use the full length of the extension chain. Sanremo also uses the top quality AAA freshwater pearls hand-picked by our partner in organic pearl farms in China.

Lady Saturn Pearl Ear studs

Lady Saturn freshwater pearl ear studs

Lady Saturn features very large top quality freshwater pearls with sterling silver and high lustre zirconia base setting. These gorgeous ear studs are perfect for a statement look, ideal for Christmas parties and other big occasions. They would look great either with a pearl necklace as companion, or equally impressive without a necklace at all.

Portofino Double Strand Pearl Bracelet

Portofino pearl bracelet

Portofino is a perfect match between luxury and elegance. This stunning double strand pearl bracelet are made with AAA freshwater pearls, with a sterling silver clasp encrusted with high lustre zirconia, and a 1 inch extension chain, so you can wear to your wrist size. We also have the gorgeous matching pearl necklace Portofino available.

Do explore our extensive product portfolio to find your perfect romantic gift, or contact us if you need any help deciding what to pick!