Do You Have the One and Only Accessory You Need for Your Autumn Sun Break?

Are you preparing for an autumn sun holiday for a 'pick me up' before winter starts? The weather is gloomy and getting worse, so this is the perfect time to escape and treat yourself to some sunny rest and relaxation before winter really sets in. Whether you are planning on the Canary Islands, Cape Verde or Sharm El Sheik, pearls are the perfect jewellery for beach wear – pearls love water!

Soaking up the sun and surf in a sandy paradise is exquisite, and looking as good as you feel makes it even better. You don't have to bring loads of accessories and jewellery. That only adds stress when the goal is to soak it away in the sunshine. You really only need one simple piece to take each and every outfit you bring on your holidays from nice to knockout. A pearl necklace can go from day to night in any climate. And yes, it can even go swimming. After all, pearls start out in water so they are right at home at the sea front. Bring them along with your bathing suit, your little black dress and a crisp button-down shirt with a pair of capris, and you're ready for anything.

Do keep them out of the sand as it can scratch them, but the ocean water won't hurt them. The easiest way to travel with your favourite pearl necklace is to wear it. Do bring a velvet bag to store it in overnight while you sleep. The simple elegance of pearls makes them so versatile that might be the only time you aren't wearing it.

If your pearl jewellery have secure clasp, do take them for a swim in the sea! Seawater is perfect when it comes to cleaning and caring for your pearls - much better than washing them with soapy water at home. However, do rinse them with freshwater once you are back at the hotel - to avoid sea salt eroding any metal parts or the silk threading.

Pearls not only look great with beach wear, but they are also perfect when you want to go for a nice dinner at the à la carte restaurant - the classic timeless gemstones will fit right in with the elegant atmosphere. From breakfast on a sunny veranda to an afternoon lounging on the beach to a delightfully indulgent dinner followed by a tour of the local nightlife, your pearl necklace is your go-to piece of perfection on your winter sun holiday.