Do You Have What You Need for the Christmas Season Parties?

These December weeks are an increasingly fast paced round of socialising from your office do to your child's Christmas pageant to all those family gatherings. If you are starting to dread the idea of all those dinners, drinks and dances because dressing for them can be a minefield, fret not. Diamonds are lots of fun, but they are not your best friend. Your best friend is a gem who will stand by you when you are networking with senior management over Christmas pudding, praising your mother in law's dried out turkey or cheering on your little lamb or shepherd. Your best friend in the run up to Christmas is an elegant pearl necklace. Here's why.

  • A pearl necklace is versatile. Pair it with a simple sheath dress and ballet flats and you can zip from that school fundraiser to actual fun raising a drink without changing a thing. You'll never look too formal or too funky.
  • Make the right statement with the right pearl necklace. It isn't flashy. It's sophisticated. Pearls don't have to try too hard. They are effortlessly elegant, as we'd all like to be… or at least appear to be. When you are going to work related functions or any event where it is important to be taken seriously, go with accessories that underscore your impeccable judgement.
  • White accessories in winter remind us of the beauty of the season. A pearl necklace, whether it is an array of floating pearls or a simple single strand, call to mind the wonder and magic of snowflakes drifting down, creating a winter wonderland.

Our favourite Christmas party pearl necklaces:

Viona - super sexy collar length twisted 3 strand pearl necklace, would look great with most necklines, and fabulous either with hair up or down.

Viona 3 strand pearl necklace

Claire - classy double strand pearl necklace. Lovely AA+ rating perfectly round pearls neatly threaded onto two strands, this piece is luxurious without being over the top, perfect for office party where sophistication is the look you should go for.

Claire - double strand freshwater pearl necklace

Whatever you have in your wardrobe, whatever events are on your schedule, a pearl necklace will always be the right choice. Don't you deserve an early Christmas present? Have a peek at the stunning pearls available from Jacqueline Shaw and treat yourself to some Christmas magic.