Freshwater Pearl Necklaces for Autumn Allure

Fashion is always looking ahead, and who doesn't enjoy anticipating the good things ahead? Shopping and surfing for fashion trends for the coming season is a bit like watching the previews at the cinema. It doesn't take away from the film you came to see; you just have something else to consider for next time. As you peruse the incoming autumn styles, you might be asking yourself which freshwater pearl necklaces will go best with these looks.

A lot of different looks have crowded onto the runways for autumn fashion, but a few key things have emerged. Long is in. Long, elegant floor duster coats. Trailing A-line dresses with dramatic, plunging V-necks stretching their length. Sleek tailored pants suits that elongate the figure. The long and lovely look is not a radical departure from summer's styles, but the tones are richer and deeper. They call for freshwater pearl necklaces that won't fade into the detail but will be the framed centrepiece of your look.

Katherine Hepburn long pearl rope

Long, gorgeous pearl ropes are a versatile choice because you can double or treble them for different length layers. Multi-strand freshwater pearl necklaces are also ideal because you can twist them to add some texture to more streamlined styles. Freshwater pearl necklaces also come in pearl shapes other than round and colours other than white. You can embrace a dramatic style with a twist on traditional pearls whether it is baroque or stick shaped pearls or rich, deep hues instead of white.

Whatever type of freshwater pearl necklaces you fancy for this fall's forward fashions, remember you can shop online for them – just be sure you are dealing with a reputable, responsible pearl jeweller such as Jacqueline Shaw so what you see is indeed what you get when your freshwater pearl necklaces arrive.