How to accessorise your wedding and bridesmaid dresses with freshwater pearls

You have chosen the date, booked the venue and your attention turns to the exciting world of dresses and accessories. For some, the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses plus wedding jewellery are a simple matter of taking everything off the peg. But for most of us, what to wear on our wedding day is the most important style decision of our lives. The wedding jewellery you choose is so important for finishing the look properly. Surveys show the favoured choice for most brides are freshwater pearls.

It is so important for your dress to express who you are as person, and to show your individual style and personality. Your make up will take taking planning and practice, and the wedding jewellery you choose will also tell a story about your beautiful individuality.

It is crucial that the pendant and earrings you choose, for example, reflect rather than clash with your carefully chosen dress, and this is why freshwater pearls are ideal, as the colouring and shape of wedding pearl jewellery fits perfectly with the whites and creams most brides choose for their big day. If your dress is a pastel shade, or even a bolder colour, the gorgeous lustre of wedding pearl jewellery will complement your unique look perfectly. Here are more inspirations on what pearl jewellery to choose for different styles of wedding dress.

The design of the bridesmaids' outfits should complement your own, and this needs time, so try not to leave the decision about bridesmaid dresses until the last minute, even if it is so difficult to get everyone together at the same time! It makes sense from a design point of view for your bridesmaids to have wedding jewellery which complements your own; for example they will be thrilled with stylish pearl earrings and a simple natural pearl necklace. When everyone has matching wedding pearls, you can relax in the knowledge that everyone co-ordinates exactly, while at the same time respecting your bridesmaids' ages and individual style preferences.