How to Bring the Fabulousness of the 1950s to Your Wedding

Life in the United States of the 1950s was a fantasy come true in many ways. After the decades of difficulties from the Great Depression of the 1930s to World War II, people embraced the boom years of the post-war period. Big cars, big hair and big statement pieces of jewellery such as freshwater pearl necklaces were all part of it. The 1950s American-style makes a fun wedding theme, and those '50s fashions are really flattering on ladies with some curves.

When you think of '50s fashions for women, probably the first thing to come to mind is those wonderful swirling poodle skirts. For weddings, think of the song 'Chantilly lace and a pretty faceā€¦'. Chantilly lace was popular for wedding dresses, which were more modest than most are now. The sweetheart neckline became extremely stylish, partially due to Elizabeth Taylor looking so wonderful in Father of the Bride. Ankle length wedding dresses become more popular than floor length ones, and the famously '50s mid-calf length, flared skirt was also popular. An hourglass figure was considered ideal. It isn't easy to find 1950s wedding dresses today, but you can find patterns and the right fabrics and have one custom made.

Doris Day pearl necklace and Lucy Royale Pearl studs for 1950s wedding dress

Short white gloves and pearl wedding jewellery are essential accessories. Look for larger freshwater pearls in single strands for the necklace and a bracelet, and pearl studs for your ears. Elizabeth Taylor's character in Father of the Bride went for a smaller freshwater pearls for her wedding pearls, and the choice is yours. Larger pearls tend to stand out more against a sweetheart neckline. The Doris Day by Jacqueline Shaw is a great pick if you wanted to go for large pearls, and to complete the look, get the Lucy Royale 9mm large freshwater pearl ear studs.

You can also bring the 1950s theme to your reception easily. The music is sure to get people up on their feet dancing. Who can resist Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Little Richard and the other greats of that era who really changed pop culture forevermore? Rocking around the clock at your reception would be an unforgettable night, especially if you encourage your guests to embrace the retro look too. This isn't the music that you'd be likely to hear at a wedding reception in the 1950s, but it is up to you if you'd rather go with a fun sock hop dance theme or a more formal tone as brides would have chosen in the '50s.

You can take the whole retro rock and roll theme to the reception menu too. Serving burgers and fries for your meal might be a bit much for some brides, but you can go with a more traditional 1950s meal and save the rock and roll for after dinner. If you really are going to rock around the clock, you might want to serve some snacks in the wee hours and that's when you can enjoy milkshakes and fries. Some ideas for a traditional American style menu:

- Casseroles
- Cupcakes in various pastel colours with glitter and silver balls
- Hot dogs, baskets of French fries and hamburgers
- Meatloaf
- Milkshakes
- Waffles and Ice Cream Sodas

The 1950s in the USA were a joyful, forward looking time, so it is an era that works well as wedding theme. You can stick to just having a 1950s look for yourself with Chantilly lace, short gloves and pearl wedding jewellery or you can work the details of that era into every aspect of your wedding.