How to Pick the Perfect Pearl Jewellery for Photo shoot

Louise Brooks

When you are planning to have your picture taken, whether it is a formal portrait or a more spontaneous shot at an event, it's good to remember that things look different in photos. Even with today's high tech digital images, the old rules apply. Here's a few hopefully useful tips on choosing your pearl jewellery for photo shoot.

Avoid anything too busy: patterns with lots of small detail, jewellery that is very delicate or intricate. Keep it simple to look sensational. We happen to think pearls are perfect… not that we're biased or anything! Here's why:

  • - It is beautiful, but will not upstage you. Think of the iconic image of Louise Brooks with her long, long string of pearls and her flapper bob. The pearls make the picture, but they are supporting cast to Brooks' star status. A simple piece of modern or vintage pearl jewellery strikes the right balance.

  • - It will never clash with what you are wearing. Stick with a string of classic white pearls, and you can't go wrong.

  • - It is versatile enough for any event. You'll never be over or under dressed because you wore pearls. Even most pearl wedding jewellery can be worn well with a wide range of styles.

  • - Freshwater pearl jewellery is elegant and affordable. Don't fret about having to make a big investment. You can get a stunning single strand pearl necklace between £50 and £100.

  • - You can also wear your wedding pearls. What would be more perfect for an anniversary portrait?

Not every piece of pearl jewellery is the best pick for photos. Some vintage pearl jewellery can be too detailed to photograph well in a candid or group shot. But basic strands and either simple pearl drop earrings or studs are always just right for photos, whether it is a wedding or graduation party or a more formal engagement or family portrait sitting. So the next time you are preparing for a photograph, chose your freshwater pearl jewellery for the perfect accessory.