Keep Your Freshwater Pearls Gorgeous with Proper Storage

Many new pearl owners have questions about how to store freshwater pearls so they keep their lustre, and that is an important concern. When you have invested in genuine freshwater pearls, they should last a lifetime. In fact, they can be beautiful heirloom pieces to pass down through the generations. But if they are tossed into a box with other jewellery, they will be damaged. The pearls will be scratched. Pearl necklaces may be tangled and even broken, and pearl earrings can wind up bent or broken as well. Most pearl owners are aware that this jewellery needs to be treated with respect, so here are the answers you need to make your pearl sets last.

How to Store Freshwater Pearls

Protect your pearls from scratches by keeping them in a container lined with velvet. Velvet is the best material for pearls, but you can also safely use chamois leather or silk.

Store necklaces flat, not hanging or coiled. This avoids any strain that could cause the necklace to stretch or even snap.

Close all clasps and fasteners so that no protruding metal bits scratch the pearls.

Avoid keeping freshwater pearls in storage for long periods. Not only will you miss them, excessive dryness can lead to tiny cracks forming. They were formed in water, after all.

Never, ever store your pearl jewellery in plastic. It may arrive in bubble wrap, but plastic is big no no. First, it does not breathe so it is too dry an environment for pearls. Second, some types of plastic can leach chemicals that will harm your jewellery over time.

The ideal storage for pearls is a velvet-lined jewellery box with separate compartments for each piece – long sections for each necklace, large squares for bracelets and smaller compartments for earrings. And what dresser isn't dressed up by an artistic jewellery box?