Pearl Christmas Gifts for 20-Somethings

Pearl jewellery is a perfect Christmas present for any woman of any age. Pearls are the little black dress of the jewellery box, a basic and classic essential versatile enough to ensure regular wear. Parents, grandparents and boyfriends are often uncertain about picking gifts she will wear, but freshwater pearls are safe choice. Classic white pearls are always the right colour! Unlike other accessories, they will still be in style next Christmas. In fact, they will be in style for every year of her life.

Women in their 20s are often working hard as they start their careers, saving for big ticket items such as a good car or a deposit for a house. It's a time when life is full of transitions and new starts. She is making a lot of first impressions, and she wants them to be good. It's not a time when many women feel free to indulge themselves with fine jewellery – but they do treasure it. That makes it an ideal Christmas gift for her.

1. A single strand classic pearl necklace is something every woman should own. Princess length, 17 to 19 inches, is ideal because it goes well with almost any neckline. Round or off round, white pearls with a good lustre are a classic look. A single strand pearl necklace will serve her well for job interviews, dates, balls and weddings. Maybe even her own!

The Katie Princess is an 18-inch single strand pearl necklace featuring slightly off round pearls for a bit of fashion intrigue. The pearls are of a A+ grading, very beautiful but also very competitive with the price point - you won't break your wallet for a classic piece that she will wear and enjoy for life. It's a foundation piece for an elegant wardrobe.

Katie Princess Pearl Necklace

2. Pearl chokers have an enduring popularity, and they are a classic take on the current trend for chokers. It's a youthful look, drawing the eye to the neck. Pearl chokers come in single or multiple strands and a variety of styles, so it is easy to find one that's just right for her.

Sanremo is a new design that we introduced in 2017 which is endlessly elegant and sexy. By reviving the classic Grace Kelly chic and simple look, Sanremo expresses the latest 'choker' necklace trend in the most stunning way. The delicate 7 mm, perfectly round, white freshwater pearls have a AAA rating and a fabulous lustre, with an extension chain for adjusting the strand to the perfect choker size.

Sanremo pearl choker by Jacqueline Shaw London

3. Floating or illusion pearl necklaces are a whimsical way to wear these classic gems. Available in choker or longer lengths (Snow Gypsophila Princess), floating pearl necklaces give the illusion that the individual freshwater pearls are simply floating on the wear's neck or chest because the necklace they are strung on is nearly invisible. They feature a mix of large and small pearls.

Make it an unforgettable white Christmas with the Snow Gypsophila Choker Necklace, a 12-inch floating pearl necklace featuring a dazzling 64 AAA-rated pearls (with adjustable chain).

Snow Gypsophila Choker Pearl Necklace by Jacqueline Shaw London

4. Pearl studs are another basic of the jewellery box. They look great whether she's wearing her hair down loose or in an elaborate up-style. Perfect for any occasion, this is a gift that you can't get wrong. Their understated elegance means they will rescue her every time she looks at her collection of earrings and can't decide which ones to wear. They are simply always the right choice!

For special occasions and every day, the Lucy Neige 7.5 mm freshwater pearl stud earrings cannot be beat. The perfectly round, white pearls boast a AAA rating.

Lucy Neige AAA Pearl Ear Studs by Jacqueline Shaw

5. Dangle pearl earrings are cute and to too 'old school', especially with some sparkles added to the base setting for a modern touch. The little oval pearl earrings 'Natalie' in our collection is perfect for a young lady, the pearls are dainty with equally dainty and cute base setting, little bright sparkles of zirconia stones are encrusted into the diamond shaped base design, with sterling silver hooks.

Natalie pearl earrings - Jacqueline Shaw Boutique

The 20s are a time when we lay the foundation for our adult lives. We don't know exactly where we are going or how we'll get there, but if we get the basics right we have plenty of options. We can try them all out. Flexibility is key – in our attitude and in our wardrobe! That's why these simple, classic pieces of pearl jewellery are perfect Christmas presents for women in their 20s.