Pretty Freshwater Pearl Necklaces for Patio and Poolside

These glorious days of summer slip by so quickly, filled up with sun and fun and fashion. The long evenings lend themselves to romance and long talks with those close to us, ideally out on the patio or by a pool over fancy, fruity cocktails. And nothing looks better around your neck in the light of the setting sun or the rising moon than freshwater pearl necklaces. What styles can cast a summer spell? You want something lighter than what you would wear most of the year, and you have great choices to go with this summer's sultriest styles.

Sheath dresses go with single strand freshwater pearl necklaces like tonic goes with gin. It's a classic combination that is suitable in just about every situation you could possibly find yourself in. Whether you're wearing a timeless little black dress or a sheath dress in a striking colour, the single strand of round, white pearls around your neck will be precisely right.

The deep V-neck is everywhere this year – strutting on the runway, gliding down the aisle and even sipping a mojito on the patio. Pendants and choker length freshwater pearl necklaces follow this dramatic necklace and add to its beauty. A Y-style pearl pendant is a great choice, especially for daytime. If you are debating whether a particular plunging neckline is too casual for the event in question, add some pearls and it's ready to go meet the queen.

Are you one who loves to go boho? The beloved bohemian look really reflects the carefree spirit of summer, but it is not too laid back to pair with freshwater pearl necklaces. Floating pearls are an ideal match for this light-hearted look, drawing out some whimsical beauty. Choker length freshwater pearl necklaces also work, and either is a gorgeous look for a night spent lounging on the patio debating the best summer music festival or the ideal place for a hot weekend city break.