Protecting Your Freshwater Pearl Jewellery when Travelling

Travelling with jewellery always poses a dilemma. You want to look great on your holidays, but you don't want to take risks with your precious freshwater pearl necklace. But with a few precautions, you can enjoy your travels with minimal risk. Pearls are a perfect choice for travel for a few reasons. They are so versatile that you can get away with bringing just one freshwater pearl set for any occasion. And they have all the gorgeous glamour you want without the attention-drawing bling factor that will catch a thief's eye. But you still want to take some basic precautions.

Minimise the risk and worry by taking a basic pearl set of a necklace and earrings. Studs are better than dangling earrings when you are concerned about theft because they cannot be grabbed. A simple single strand of pearls such as the Katie Princess is the best option, and it happens to go beautifully with any white pearl stud earrings.

Angelina classic pearl jewellery set by Jacqueline Shaw Pearl Boutique

Check to make sure your travel insurance covers jewellery, and photograph any pieces you are taking with you, just in case. Keep your insurance details and photos separate from your valuables when you travel.

Never put your good jewellery in your checked luggage. The best thing is to wear it in a money pack on your person while you are actually travelling.

Before deciding about using the hotel safe, check some online forums and post to them asking for opinions about the security of the hotel safe. If it gets bad reviews for safety, consider switching hotels or hiding your jewellery in your hotel room. Cleaners will be in and out of the room, and even if they are completely honest, it might be easy for someone else to slip in and grab any valuable left out in plain sight.

Consider where you are wearing your jewellery. An open air market is a risky choice, but a nice restaurant is much safer.

You don't need to be paranoid about your valuable when travelling, just sensible. Have fun, look great and keep your freshwater pearl jewellery safe!