St Patrick's Day Pearls - A few tips for Irish pearl lovers

Should you wear pearls for St Patrick's Day? When we think of Ireland and jewellery, emeralds obviously come to mind. It's the emerald isle, after all. But Ireland once had a thriving trade in freshwater pearls harvested from wild molluscs living inland in freshwater rivers. In fact, an endangered species of pearl mussel was found in the west of Ireland last year. These creatures, Margaritifera margaritifera to be exact, can trace their Irish roots back 150 million years. You won't find Irish pearls on the market anymore as pearl fishing was outlawed decades ago to protect the endangered Irish pearl mussels. But if you are looking for some perfect St Patrick's Day pearls, you do have some excellent options with Jacqueline Shaw.

Penelope - large baroque pearl necklace

The Penelope is a gorgeous triple strand necklace featuring baroque white, grey and azure pearls with transparent and dark green quartz. It is an excellent choice that is perfect for St. Patrick's Day and for formal events all through the year.

Kim Novak - black and white pearl pendant

Do you know the story of St. Patrick driving the snakes from Ireland? The Kim Novak pendant features not only a deep green pearl but also a snake, making it possibly the most ideal and most fun option for St. Patrick's Day. The sparkling snake is bejewelled with created diamonds.

Whatever your plans for St. Patrick's Day, you can put on your pearls armed with a bit of knowledge about Irish pearls. You really can never go wrong with pearls at any time of year, and the beauty of a pearl necklace with a dash of green is that you can enjoy it year round, not just in March. And of course, a classic strand of white pearls is stunning with a green frock. So you have many options to celebrate the emerald isle with pearls.