The Magic of an Autumn Wedding in Ireland and Which Wedding Pearls to Choose

Yes, June is famous for weddings, but it isn't the only great time to get married. In Ireland, there is not a month or even a week you can predict will be dry, so an outdoor wedding is always risky. Why not embrace our climate and go with an autumn wedding? Your wedding dress and pearl bridal jewellery are going to be stunning at any time, and you can go with some gorgeous colours for your bridesmaids and decoration – rich reds, deep golden oranges and yellows.Autumn is a rich time of year. And it can indeed be very romantic and just right for a wedding.

As an old Irish verse says “Marry in September's shine, your living will be rich and fine/ If in October you do marry, love will come by riches tarry/ If you wed in bleak November, only joy will come remember."

Autumn is harvest season, a time of lavish goodness. Autumn is an ideal time for an opulent, indulgent wedding.Go for a decadent reception menu, and of course, dazzling pearl wedding jewellery. This is multi-strand season.While a single strand or floating pearls work well in summer, the lustrous colours of autumn invite you to indulge in a generous rope length wedding pearl necklace that can give you long strands of shining pearls. Remember, your wedding pearls also include bracelets and earrings.Keep an eye out for specials that give you a better deal when you purchase a full set of pearl wedding jewellery.

Snow Gypsophila floating pearl necklace

Here's two of our favourite autumn wedding pearls collection to go with an autumn style wedding dress - you wanna go for something breathtakingly luxurious so absolutely no holding back!

Viona wedding pearl set - very stunning and very chic, Viona set is made with three strands of pearls of large, medium and small sizes twisted together. The necklace is very short to wrap tightly but comfortably around your neck for that ultimate Audrey Hepburn look, with beautiful matching bracelet. With this, we recommend only to complete the look with a pair of minimalist top grade (AAA rating) pearl ear studs, Lucy Neige. Save 8% on the set over the items separately.

Next up, the sumptuous super long pearl rope. At 64" with 196 gorgeous AA+ grade freshwater pearls and a detachable clasp, you can wear this piece in many different ways - a classic pearl rope with a knot at the front; a lavish double strand opera or multiple strand princess length...the possibilities are endless.

A beautiful wedding can brighten up the entire autumn, breaking up the season between the end of the summer and the countdown to Christmas. Yes, another reason to get married in the autumn is because you aren't competing with loads of other special days!