The Perfect Pearls for Your Maid of Honour

You are going to depend on your maid (or matron) of honour for all sorts of things in the run up to your big day. She will be there to help you pick your dress and accessories, provide some chocolate after an unnerving encounter with a florist or caterer, and be the voice of reason who reminds you to stay focused on what matters. You wouldn't have picked her if you didn't love her to bits, and she wouldn't put up those pre-wedding jitters and panics with such good grace if she didn't love you too! So of course you want to get her a special gift. Have you considered a pearl necklace, earrings or bracelet? What would be the perfect pearls for your maid of honour?

Let's face it, your assurances that she can wear the bridesmaid dress on lots of other occasions were perhaps a bit optimistic. But you can select a beautiful, classic piece of pearl jewellery that she really will love and wear again and again for the rest of her life. Pearls don't go out of style like trendier pieces that will look dated before your first wedding anniversary. At the same time, you probably also want to look for some choices with a reasonable price point, considering all the other costs associated with the Big Day.

So what are the best choices of pearls for your maid of honour at the best value? Here are some top picks from Jacqueline Shaw's bridesmaids pearls collection:

The Clara Bow pearl pendant is a round button pearl embraced in a swirl of silver on an 18" sterling silver chain. Classic and catchy, this pearl necklace is equally beautiful when she stands nearby as you say your vows and when she wants to add a touch of class to a more casual outfit.

Clara Bow pearl pendant

Every woman needs a pair of simple pearl stud earrings, and we recommend the Bette Davis 8mm button pearl studs or the Shirley Temple 6.5 mm round studs. No matter what your maid of honour's taste, you cannot go wrong with these classic choices.

Bette Davis pearl ear studs

The floating pearls of the Bisous necklace will be loved by any woman who likes a more delicate look to her jewellery. The baroque pearls on invisible threads add intrigue for any occasion. This is a truly unusual pearl necklace, ideal for a woman with exquisite taste.

Bisous - floating pearl necklace

Pearl jewellery is a perfect choice for your maid of honour because they are timeless, like the memories you'll share of preparing for and celebrating your wedding.