The Timeless Style of Three-Strand Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

Three strand princess length pearl necklaces have been the symbol of luxury and power for centuries. It's a jewellery design that has been much loved and sought after first mainly by royalty and the rich, since it requires a lot of pearls and was extremely pricy in the days before the invention of cultured freshwater pearls.

Queen Elizabeth II has a few sets of three strand pearl necklaces that she has cherished and worn to many important occasions over the years. Her amazing taste in pearl jewellery has had a strong influence in the fashion trends over the years. While her pieces might be unaffordable for most of us as they are most likely natural pearls, each strand being collected over many years of pearl diving hard work and painstaking selecting those few rare round pearls and then matching and coordinating them in shape, colour, lustre and size.

Queen Elizabeth II with three strand pearl necklaces

A collector strand of natural pearls can cost an absolutely fortune. In fact, jeweller Pierre Cartier purchased a fifth avenue mansion with a double strand of natural pearls, and that mansion is their New York flagship store.

Thanks to the ingenious Mikimoto, authentic pearls have gradually become accessible to more people in the last century and half. Freshwater pearls are cultivated in ponds, rivers and lakes and are offered at a much more affordable price, even more so than seawater pearls. Just like natural pearls, the cultured pearls have the lustre that lasts forever and can be passed down from mother to daughter. Brides sometimes wear their mother or grandmother's pearl jewellery on the Big Day as 'something borrowed' and 'something old'. The timeless beauty of pearls goes well with many different wedding dress styles that do evolve over time.

The Snow White three-strand freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet set from Jacqueline Shaw pearl boutique is something we are proud of. Made with AA+ rating (read more about pearl rating here: round freshwater pearls, the Snow White collection is a stunner and especially suitable for weddings or big occasions where you opt for statement yet classic jewellery.

Snow White freshwater pearl necklace

The Snow White freshwater pearl necklace is the classic princess length (the three strands are 43, 45 and 47cm so they stack up nicely) featuring round pearls with cream overtone. It's completed with a hand carved rose-shaped white jade clasp fixed on sterling silver base, absolutely gorgeous finishing touch. You can wear the clasp at the back or on the front (to one side) for two different looks.

Snow White freshwater pearl bracelet

The bracelet features freshwater pearls with the same rating, lustre and overtone as the necklace, accompanied by a minimalist sterling silver sliding clasp. The bracelet can be worn alone or only coordinated with pearl ear studs if you are after a more laid back look.

So what ear studs to go with the lovely Snow White freshwater pearl necklaces? For such a statement look, we should go for large and simple pearl ear studs that live up to the overall look but not too loud or distracting. The gorgeous Lucy Royale ear studs featuring 9.5mm large freshwater pearls. The pearls picks for Lucy Royale are of top quality, rated AAA, very generous nacre and beautiful lustre.

Lucy Royale large freshwater pearl ear studs

Snow White pearl necklace and bracelet set is one the most popular design among our wedding pearls collection. The luxurious design works really well with either an off the shoulder wedding dress, or a sweet heart wedding dress that show off your neck and shoulders.

Off the shoulder wedding dress with Snow White pearl necklace and Lucy Royale ear studs

Sweet heart sheath wedding dress with Snow White pearl jewellery set

A celebrity that we love who has worn a three strand pearl necklace just like our Snow White necklace is Angelina Jolie. She has an amazing taste in jewellery and has worn pearls on quite a few occasions. She's been seen with large black saltwater pearls as well; and sometime she wears only a pair of large pearl ear studs with no other jewellery - a very elegant look.