Tips for the Bride: How to Make Your Bridesmaids Happy

You asked them to be your bridesmaids because they are close to your heart. Sisters, cousins and friends who might not be related but are definitely part of your family. It's an honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but it's also a tough gig. The bride to be is up to her eyes in decisions. Picking a pearl necklace, deciding on a hairstyle. It's easy to neglect the ladies who have agreed to help you. Here's a few tips on keeping those close ties intact as you prepare for your big day together.

Do introduce them to each other early on if they have not all met each other before. Plan some fun time together to make sure they are all comfortable with each other.

Don't spring things on them without notice. Work with them to make sure dates for get togethers, dress fittings and the like work for everyone. This is easier than ever now with social media. You don't have to telephone everyone individually once you've asked and they've accepted. You can set up a group on Facebook or another social media forum and all chat there to work out the schedule.

Do ask their input on their dresses. Let's be honest… the odds of them wearing these dresses again are slim. But they want to look and feel good on your big day. You might have some firm ideas about their dresses, such as colour, but ask them for input on details. Maybe you have always wanted your wedding colours to be silver and lilac. Fine, go for it. But why not ask them what type of sleeves and necklines they'd like on those dresses?

Don't expect them to spend a fortune on your wedding. Yes, they will have expenses. But remember this is your day, so try to cover the costs that you can. For example, if you are having a stylist out to your venue to do your hair and make-up, can you afford to pay for theirs too?

Do be clear about what being your bridesmaid entails. Tell them how they can help, and be sure to delegate tasks fairly. Don't have your maid of honour running around doing everything while the other bridesmaids just rock up for the hen party and the wedding.

Don't assume they can do more than plan your hen party and deal with their own dress fittings in the run up to the wedding. By all means, let them know if you want help with various tasks such as sending out invites, but remember it is a bonus if they can help. They have their own lives too!

Do invite them all to the cake tastings. Seriously, they deserve it! Maybe not everyone can get to everything, but no one wants to be left out of the best part of wedding prep.

Don't make them weird uncomfortable shoes or anything else they really hate. Don't be overly fussy about the details of their appearance. Leave it up to them if they want fake tan or false lashes, for example. Hair is a very delicate matter. Be as laissez faire as you can stand to be about their hair. Really, your own hair takes enough of your energy, right?

Do thank them. Profusely. Remember to thank them verbally at every step of the way, and thank them with a nice gift too. Pearl earrings are beautiful bridesmaids' gift with a bonus. You can ask them to wear them at the wedding so they all have the same earrings! If you are able to be really lavish, why not treat them to pearl necklaces to wear on your wedding day and treasure forever? They'll appreciate that a lot more than a bathrobe, set of toiletries or tote bag, no matter how lovely those are. Pearl jewellery will outlast any of those options!