Never Mix, Never Worry? Tips on Pearl Jewellery Styles

The saying might hold true for cocktails, but what about pearl jewellery styles? If you slip on your favourite freshwater pearl pendant, should you play it safe and stick with your pearl stud earrings or go for a mix and match look? Can you pair an elegant single strand pearl necklace with an emerald ring? You've probably seen many celebrities and fashionistas sporting some crazy combos that work and wondered how they manage to pull it off. Here are few tips to mixing and matching your pearls to keep you on the fashion 'do' side of the equation.

Do match the style of jewellery you are mixing. It is fine to wear pieces with different colours and stones together, but keep to a theme. Your big bling ring will work with a chunky funky pearl necklace, but will overwhelm a delicate floating pearl strand. If you are looking for pearl earrings to compliment a vintage pendant, stick with a vintage style. It's fine to mix, but remember to focus on the big picture – how do they all look together and what are you wearing them with that will pull it all together?

(Mila Jovavich with layered pearl necklaces)

Volume matters. Pairing two different necklaces will probably look odd. Layer on seven or eight, and you have a look. Go too far and you start to look like you were afraid to leave anything at home in your jewellery box. And if you are going for a more is more look, try a simple upstyle so your hair does not upstage, hide or compete with your necklaces.

While it's a 'sin' mixing gold and silver in most fashion cases, pearls work really well with either metal - just make sure that if your pearls have a metal base, that the bases match the dominant metal colour. Of course if you are using knotted strand pearls or just simple pearl ear studs, then you can choose whichever metal colour you like!

Pearl jewellery is great for pairing with almost anything because it is so classic and versatile. And you can go for that big, layered necklace with complete confidence if you try this simple trick: pair pearls with more pearls. You can't go wrong with that!