Vilma Banky and her sassy creativity with pearls

The beautiful Hungarian born Hollywood sensation Vilma Banky is extremely versatile with her styles. She would follow conventions. She would also break all the rules. As an actress for silent movies, she had to be very visually expressive to capture the audience, and one of her favourite choices of adornment was pearls. Pearls are a fantastic gemstone that defines both femininity, classiness, elegance, as well as sexiness and wildness. Pearl jewellery is a great choice for someone like Vilma who needs all of these traits for her characters.

She is often seen with a classic single strand pearl necklace of 8mm high quality pearls. This most classic design of pearl necklace is incredibly flexible in style, featured with Vilma wearing formal style outfit with a gorgeous jacket (right), or poses in the super sexy photo with practically nothing but the pearl necklace and a big lilly flower. She certainly knows how to capture the attention of all kinds of men!

Now let's meet the 'sassy' Vilma.With a generous, daring long treble strand pearl necklace and large pearl earrings, she projects a mature, elegant and almost dominant 'femme fatale' image. The three strands of pearls around her neck are adjusted to be pricess (18 inch), matinee (25inch) and opera (36 inch), offering the rich and luxurious look.

Back then in 1920's, most of the pearl jewellery designs were quite conventional, and not many people appreciate any other shape than round. However Vilma has chosen this creative design pearls necklace (Pic 4) with a combination of tiny round pearls and large coin pearls, and naughtily biting the necklace as she poses. Nowadays such a design might seem 'easy', but 90 years ago, it was very creative indeed.

Now who says pearls must be worn as necklaces and earrings? Vilma pushes the boundary even further. Why not wear hundreds of pearls on a hat, with three strands hanging around her visage creating this odd but incredibly rich and sexy look? Who would be able to forget a look like that? She makes one think of a loyalty who has gone mad with genius creativity. Sometimes she looks vulnerable, sometimes mature, sometimes sexy and sometimes out of this world. This is Vilma, one of Hollywood's real legend from the time of silent films.