Wedding Pearls of Wisdom: How to Have a Wonderful Winter Wedding

June is the month most associated with weddings, but when you think about it wintertime is particularly cosy and romantic. Winter weddings can be stunning and dramatic or warm and romantic, depending on the couple's tastes. It's the season for warm drinks and glowing candles when the light flickering on your wedding pearls makes them glisten. If you are planning a winter wedding, there are three critical things to keep in mind.

The Weather: Obviously, you need to plan for the worst Mother Nature can do. Consider how you will get from venue to venue looking fabulous. Invest in a few golf umbrellas in your wedding colours, and when choosing venues note how close a car can get to the door. Also think of guests who may have to deal with icy roads or flight delays, particularly elderly guests. You might be able to have your wedding photos taken outside, but it's best to have a Plan B indoor spot too.

The Flowers: Talk to your florist about seasonal availability of your preferred flowers and what you can if there is a problem getting them at the last minute. You can also think about using fewer fresh flowers by opting for centrepieces that don't include them. Here's a good article from on flowers for winter weddings. Candles are a gorgeous addition for winter weddings.

The Holidays: Some couples dream of marrying on New Year's Eve or a date very close to Christmas, but remember venues will be charging top rates and filling up well in advance for those days. And remember – the date you pick will be your wedding anniversary. Think too of which holidays your nearest and dearest celebrate and how they observe them.

The Style: For winter wedding dresses you could go for the more luxurious feel, thicker and heavier fabrics, with a lovely faux-fur shrug that keeps your shoulders warm. In terms of jewellery, the statement look of a multi-strand pearl necklace would be perfect.

You can't have the same wedding in winter that you could in summer, not in the British Isles anyway! But you can have a truly special event that embraces the season, and wedding pearls are gorgeous year round.