Wedding Pearls of Wisdom: Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

At a certain in the wedding planning, many couples start to fantasize about eloping instead to escape the challenges of juggling caterers, florists, awkward relatives and friends and the endless questions and unwanted advice. Having a destination wedding is the opposite of eloping. You will have to decide if you want to wear your mother's wedding pearls or buy new ones but you have a great excuse to trim the guest list pretty ruthlessly. How does having a destination wedding affect your guest list, besides making it a lot shorter?

Destination wedding

What's good about a destination wedding?

You escape pressure to invite a lot of people your parents want there but you don't know well or don't like. That uncle who tends to drink too much and offend everyone? Adios. He's not coming. A destination wedding is an event for your very nearest and dearest, and it also means you get to spend some meaningful time with the people you want to see. A few days in paradise with your siblings and closest friends will be a wonderful time to really connect instead of just catching up and make some beautiful memories together.

Weather and temperature is much more consistent and predictable with a destination wedding, so you'll have little risk of picking a wedding dress and accessories that are unsuitable for the weather condition.

If you live in Western Europe where living standard is high, a wedding often cost a small fortune. Choosing a cheaper destination in the Far East would save you money, with the lower cost for everything and of course a shorter guest list.

Risks and things to consider

Your guests have to be able to get time off work and travel, so it is a financial hit for them. While there is always a risk that someone important to you won't be able to make it – people can get sick or injured – the risk is higher with a destination wedding. Some of your guests may find themselves in a real bind with their career, while others face the no-win scenario of bringing small children and either trusting unknown caregivers or leaving them at home with trusted minders knowing that they will be upset.

You and your guests would be slightly out of their comfort zone in another country, especially if you don't speak the local language. So you might face a bit more logistical challenge than back home. However, if you can get an end to end destination wedding service with a good travel agency, that might be no problem at all.

A destination wedding involves so many questions about locations, planners, transporting your wedding pearls and dress safely and other things, but the people around you are generally the deciding factor – unless you do want to elope!