Wedding Pearls of Wisdom: Wrapping Up Warm for Your Winter Wedding

Baby it's cold outside! And the odds are that you will be outside at least briefly on your wedding day in your bridal gown. And if you are getting married in an older church, it can be pretty chilly inside too. Now, first things first -

Keeping your shoulders warm

Obviously wearing your parka is out, but you can get a wonderful wrap to wear. The choices are overwhelming. Consider these three things when you are selecting the ideal wrap to wear for your wedding.

You'll be wearing it with your dress, so the cut is important. Will a bolero jacket, a shawl or a little wrap be best? You don't want it to hide your dress's details and features or cover up your wedding pearls. Try on the dress and wrap together before you decide. And don't rule out a stunning, full length cape.

White is a popular choice for colour, but it isn't the only option. You can choose a colour to match your bridesmaids' dresses and your flowers. A soft grey can also look wonderful, as can a deep, dramatic hue. If you want white or ivory, again, it is important to try it on with your wedding dress to make sure they really match. Bring your wedding pearls too so you can see everything together.

Comfort counts, especially on your wedding day. You don't want to force a smile while wondering if you're developing hypothermia when you're posing outside for photos. A lacy shawl or bolero jacket is a beautiful look, but shivering in it is not.

A winter wedding wrap isn't just a practical thing to keep you warm. It should also be beautiful and add to your bridal look. Finding just the right one deserves the same effort you put into selecting your wedding pearls and shoes.

Fabulous footwear to last you all day

Some wedding accessories aren't really chosen to suit a particular season. Wedding pearls, for example, should be chosen to go with the neckline of the bridal gown. Other accessories provide a chance to really celebrate the season. If you're having an outdoor wedding in July, you could even go barefoot if you wanted to. But if you're having a winter wedding, instead of freezing and slipping in shoes more suited to spring or summer, consider finding wedding shoes that fit with a winter theme.

Consider bypassing shoes for boots. Yes, you could wear some stunning winter wedding boots to keep you cosy and stylish. Or you could go for ankle boots with heels and open toes that still look wintery. If you are going to be walking around outdoors for photos, you might want to have a pair of boots just for that and wear more dainty shoes for the ceremony and reception.

You can find a huge range of white boots that will match your wedding pearls, or you can choose a pair to go with your wedding colours. If you've picked deep, vibrant colours, such a cherry red, rich green or cobalt blue, you can make a dramatic statement by finding boots in that colour. Some bright welly boots in your wedding colour can add a lot of fun to your wedding photos, and if your dress is long enough, they can also be hidden in some photos.

Having some different options for your wedding shoes and other accessories is one of the fun things about a winter wedding. Trying for a summer look at your December or January wedding won't work, but if you embrace the season you can really create a magical winter wedding look from your stunning wedding pearls down to your beautiful boots.