What Does Mum Want for Christmas? Pearls!

She's so busy you might suspect she never thinks about accessories, but she does. She might spend some days in an old track suit with her hair in a messy bun, or she might be carefully arranging a scarf to cover that spit up stain or finger paint mark on her suit jacket. She shops mostly for the children these days, but that doesn't mean she has everything. She probably wouldn't buy herself a pearl necklace, but she'd love one. Imagine how thrilled she'd be to unwrap a Christmas present and discover an elegant strand of freshwater pearls.

Perhaps she has a basic, single strand pearl necklace and pearl stud earrings, but now it's time to add to her collection. It's time to remind her that as busy and crazy as life is right now, you treasure her even if you don't get a chance to remind her as often as you'd like to. Indulge her with a stunning pearl necklace to remind her that you still see how beautiful she is. It's an ideal Christmas present for mums.

Magnificent Pearl Necklaces for Mums

What would be just the Christmas present for mum to add to her jewellery collection? At this stage in life, think beyond the basics. Go for something really special, something unusual that stands out and turns heads. Here are a few suggestions for the best pearls for mums.

A Royal Treat

The classic multi-strand pearl choker is a much-loved style by royalty and Hollywood stars alike. A treble strand pearl necklace is an ideal Christmas gift for a mother who loves a bit of luxury. The Monaco is a stunning treble-strand pearl necklace featuring ivory white AAA round freshwater pearls. The 117 pearls are nearly perfectly round with no visible blemish, each hand-picked and sorted to strands of perfection. The strands are 12 inches and are fitted with a sterling silver clasp with encrusted high lustre zirconia; with the 4 inch extension chain, she can wear it perfectly around her neck 'choker' style, or wear it more loose with a more classic 'princess' style.

Monaco Pearl Necklace

Monaco pearl necklace

We also have matching 3 strand pearl bracelet 'Monaco' available.

A bit of nostalgia to the 1920s

The super long pearl ropes were all the rage in the 1920s Paris, and the generous length make a pearl rope very versatile style as well. She can wear it in as many strands as she likes, or weave the strands together for a more creative chic style.

Paris 1920 Pearl Necklace

Paris 1920 long pearl rope

More is more. A long pearl rope sends a clear message that you think she deserves the moon and stars. The Moulin Rouge is a 25-inch treble-strand pearl rope with a staggering 386 freshwater pearls. This one captures the spirit of the carefree 1920s with AA-rated round pearls ranging from 3 to 8 mm in size.

Moulin Rouge Pearl Necklace

Moulin Rouge

If she already has some classic white pearl necklaces, why not jazz up her jewellery box with some colourful pearls? Freshwater pearls also come in shades including lavender, apricot, azure, grey and brown. The Lana Turner is an earthy pearl necklace comprised mostly of rich, coffee brown, baroque pearls with several creamy white ones mixed in at the front. If she has brown eyes, this will set them off perfectly. The Lolita Violet is a single strand of large, round violet pearls with a AAA rating.

Dangling pearl earrings if it suits her hair styles

If she likes to wear her hair up or keeps it short, some dangling pearl earrings will look fantastic. The Dorothy Lamour earrings feature a large oval pearl hanging below an art deco style design with six created diamonds. The Estrella earrings are a delicate string of pearls, five on each earring, ranging from 4 to 7 mm.

Dorothy Lamour Pearl Earrings

Dorothy Lamour pearl earrings

Estrella Pearl Earrings

Estrella pearl earrings

When you are shopping for a Christmas present for mums, remember that what they really crave is a little indulgence and romance. When she's working so hard every day looking after everyone else, reminding her that she is deeply appreciated can make Christmas more magical for her. After all, she is probably run off her feet through all of December.