Why Pearls are Hot Stuff in Hollywood

Pearls are as hot as Hollywood itself, judging by the number of stars wearing them through the years. The trend is demure pearl necklaces worn with glamorous and sexy outfits, creating an attention grabbing contrast in styles which fashion designers and commentators absolutely love.

In the earlier years in Hollywood there were a number of incredibly beautiful and talented actresses who have each their signature look. The Audrey Hepburn's big sunglasses, hair up and multi-strand pearls look of course; and then there's the incredibly chic Grace Kelly single strand large pearls that she wears tightly around the neck (what we call the 'collar length). Possibly one of her favourite pieces of jewellery, this gorgeous short strand of pearls can been spotted on her in different movies and photo settings.

Another memorable and distinct style with pearl jewellery is that of Lauren Bacall, who has the well-known powerful femme fatale look, enhanced by her statement multi-strand pearls. She also likes to wear short strands tightly around the neck, quite a different look from Grace Kelly.

For Hollywood icons, wearing pearls is part of a long tradition, typified by the unmatchable iconic actress Marilyn Monroe, who was a big fan of pearls. Her husband Joe DiMaggio bought her a classic cultured Akoya pearl necklace during their honeymoon in Japan in 1954, and this necklace has been one of the most famous jewelleries owned and cherished by Marilyn Monroe. Pearl necklaces were among her favourite designer jewellery, and they suited her hair style and natural glamour perfectly.

Marilyn Monroe summed up the reason in a nutshell why so many beautiful and often unconventional women choose to wear pearl necklaces, for example, with a sassy dress and skyscraper heels: "If I'd observed all the rules, I'd never have got anywhere." For those looking for Hollywood glamour, Jacqueline Shaw Pearl Boutique offers the Angelina pearl set made with the best quality freshwater pearls (AAA rating), natural ivory colour with a cream overtone and immaculate surface, perfect for that Monroe style.

There is no shortage of modern stars choosing to combine pearl necklaces with sensational evening and day wear, demonstrating the elite nature of pearls and the effortless way these gems emphasis the star quality of their wearers.

Black Tahitian pearls are another trend. Black pearls weren't much sought after in the early days but have increasingly become a thing of great value. Angelina Jolie has worn a strand of very large Tahitian pearl necklace and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Pearl necklaces and other pearl jewellery can be worn for black tie events and as part of a causal day wear accessory, as demonstrated by gorgeous actress Katherine Heigl, soon to appear on our screens in 'The Big Wedding', a romantic comedy, also starring Robert de Niro.

The red carpet look is so easy to achieve with simple pearl necklaces which identify the wearer as classy yet up to date with modern fashions and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.