Why This Summer Fashion Trend Needs a Pearl Choker

The deconstructed shirt is here. We first saw it on the runways of New York, London, Paris and Milan last autumn as interpreted by Marques'Almeida, Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang and others. Featuring unpredictable shapes and uneven necklines, deconstructed shirting is both structured and super chilled looking.

Deconstructed shirts take the look you get if you misalign the buttons on a blouse and make it an art form. The lowest point of the neckline is not dead centre. One or both sides can feature a dramatic, oversized collar trailing down the shoulder. This cut looks fantastic in soft, shimmering, silky fabrics. It takes a lot of work to look this casual! So what can a girl do to dress up this hot summer trend a bit? Freshwater pearl jewellery, of course.

The challenge is that asymmetrical necklines can look weird with pearl necklaces. A necklace hangs in a symmetrical loop, so you have to think carefully about length. If the pearl necklace hangs so that the bottom of the necklace hits around the edge of the neckline, it is creating a distraction. It can be almost annoying to look at. Make up your mind necklace, you might want to shout, are you above or below that neckline?!

Chokers Are Just the Right Length

The trick is to go shorter so the necklace sits well above the neckline. A pearl choker is ideal. You have the beauty and elegance of pearls. That means you stay on the right side of the casual/ sloppy divide. But the choker doesn't compete with the asymmetrical neck of a deconstructed shirt so the eye isn't torn about where to look. The neckline still takes centre stage with the pearls floating above all that gorgeous chaos.

Portofino double strand pearl choker by Jacqueline Shaw

Pearl chokers are ideal for a lot of different looks, not just this season's trendy deconstructed shirts. They are perfect for a dramatic, plunging V-neck or a wide scooped neckline. (And you can expect to see a lot of deep, dramatic V-necks this season too.) Spring and summer is when the temperatures go up and necklines go down. That's an ideal situation to show off a stunning pearl choker.

While a princess length, single strand pearl necklace is the little black dress of your jewellery box, you need a few pieces to round things out and have some options. If you are only going to own one pearl necklace, that single strand, princess length LBD is your best bet. But if you are going for a second freshwater pearl necklace, a choker is what you need. It will suit many looks that the princess length won't. With both of them in your arsenal, oops, jewellery box, you can conquer the world. Or at least look amazing while trying.

Check out our uber chic floating pearl choker - Snow Gypsophila Choker - with pearls on invisible strands!

Snow Gypsophila Choker - Pearl Choker by Jacqueline Shaw Boutique