Jacqueline Shaw Boutique Freshwater Pearl Necklace Collection

Jacqueline Shaw pearl boutique features a lovely freshwater pearl necklace collection with designs suitable for different occasions.

First let's take a look at the different pearl grading (or 'rating) from our store. Freshwater pearls are grading with 'A's, one A being entry level to good quality pearls, and AAA being the top quality. There are many factors contributing to the pearl rating, since every pearl is different, each pearl needs to be sorted and graded by professional gemmologists, taking into consideration the shape, the surface flaw level, the richness of lustre and the overtone. Besides the grading, size is another big factor contributing to the pricing of a pearl – since pearls are grown from living oysters, there is a natural limit to the largest possible size conceivable by the oysters, so the larger a pearl is, the more rare and expensive it gets.

From left to right: AAA rating pearls (featured in Angelina princess and choker pearl necklace collection), AA+ rating pearls (featured in Katherine Hepburn opera length pearl necklace) and AA rating pearls (featured in Katie freshwater pearl necklace and bracelet collection).

The AAA rating freshwater pearls from Jacqueline Shaw pearl boutique are 7-8mm, immaculate surface and perfectly round. The nacre is very thick with a beautiful lustre, with a lovely golden-cream overtone coming through. AA+ pearls are also perfectly round, with limited surface blemish and slightly less thick nacre, silver overtone. The AA pearls are smooth off round, with limited surface blemish, same nacre and overtone to the AA+ ones.

Wedding freshwater pearl necklaces

With the different grading freshwater pearls, Jacqueline Shaw boutique features a lovely wedding collection for brides and bridesmaids alike. There is no hard rule on which grade pearls to choose for each type of wedding or bridesmaids dress but in general you might prefer higher rating pearls with more stunning nacre for the bride.

Angelina Princess Freshwater Pearl Necklace & Bracelet Set

Angelina freshwater pearl necklace set

Featuring AAA freshwater pearls, the Angelina collection offers two length variations: 'Princess', which is 18 inches or 46cm and 'Choker' at 16 inches or 40 cm. The necklace lengths are similar but are quite different in the look. The Princess length hangs gracefully below the collar and works really well with a sweet heart neckline, or off the shoulder wedding dress; and for Collar length pearl necklace, you can wear it with a halter wedding dress or any design with slightly highly neckline. Either style can be worn also for other occasions, as the single strand design isn't too overpowering.

Here's our wedding style inspiration with Angelina Princess freshwater pearl necklace and Lucy Princess pearl ear studs (also AAA rating). The top quality pearls with the rich lustre will work nicely with the rich lace design of the wedding gown.

Snow White freshwater pearls collection

With our AA+ rating pearls, a statement three-strand freshwater pear necklace design, from our gorgeous Snow White wedding pearls collection is a great choice if you want to go for a luxurious look à la Royal Family. The necklace features a hand carved white jade rose clasp on sterling silver; and the bracelet uses the same rating pearls as the necklace. The pearls in this set are in complete harmony in terms of size and shape, each pearl with quasi-flawless surface and a gentle cream overtone that compliments very well with most wedding dress materials. As with other Jacqueline Shaw strand pearl products, each strand is hand-knotted on silk thread, with metal wire enhancers at both ends, making the piece last much longer (8 – 10 years) before any re-stringing is required.

Viona wedding freshwater pearl necklace bracelet set

When it comes to more creative design with AA+ pearls, The Viona is one of our favourite. With three strands of different sizes of freshwater pearls twisted together, you can adjust the Viona necklace to the perfect length to wrap around your neck – a style iconised by Grace Kelly, the princess of Monaco. Of course you can also wear the strands a big looser if that's what you prefer. It also comes with a matching freshwater pear bracelet, Viona.

Drop waist wedding dress with Viona Opera freshwater pearl necklace

The Viona collection also features a variation at opera length - hanging generously below waistline, make it a perfect accessory for a drop waist wedding dress. If you have a low neckline with the dress, you can also wear the Viona Opera twice around the neck, creating an incredibly luxurious look with six strands of freshwater pearls in different sizes.

Bridesmaids freshwater pearl necklaces

For bridesmaids wedding pearls, you can go for a slightly lower rating for the more casual, laid back look, and of course AA rating pearls come with more affordable price tags - especially considering you probably plan to buy the same or coordinated set of pearl jewellery for all your bridesmaids.

Katie bridesmaids necklace set

Amongst our AA rating pearls, the ones featured in the Katie Princess freshwater pearl necklace have a lovely off round or slightly oval form (sometimes perfectly round pearls with visible surface blemish can also be rated at AA) with very slight blemish. The pearls have very good lustre and a nice silver overtone. Matching pearl bracelet Katie also available. The set comes with silver plique-à-jour clasps. The Bette Davis pearl ear studs finish the look nicely. This is a set of pearls that can become a instance classic for someone's personal treasure box, as they can be worn with many different outfits and occasions, both formal and laid back.

For this layered blue chiffon bridesmaids dress, we suggest to go light on the pearls as you don't want to be competing with the bride, so leave out the pearl necklace, and only go for the earrings and bracelet. The 'earrings only' look is elegant and modest, while the bride should go for more luxurious options.

For V Neck bridesmaids gown in this inspiration piece, as a more shiny and lush fabric is used, we should reflect the same style in the jewellery. The Grace Kelly pearl pendant features a perfectly round AAA rating pearl on a double loop diamond-cut sterling silver base, it's eye catching, gorgeous and not too loud. For the earrings, pick the simple perfectly round ear studs Lucy Princess, and you get a lovely matching set.

And yes, your bridesmaids should look sexy and beautiful for your Big Day! Don't worry, all attention will be on you anyway, but getting the bridesmaids to wear bright colours can create a lovely contrast with your white wedding gown (if indeed you are going for the traditional colour). This hot red bridesmaids dress comes with a lovely high neckline, which balances it being short. We picked just the Alice White freshwater pearl earrings and the Katie bracelet - no necklace.

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