Katherine Hepburn

1920 Style Burlesque Long Pearl Necklace - 37" / 94 cm

Opera length pearl necklaces have become popular during the 1920s when long strand pearls became a very sought-after look. The Katherine Hepburn is Jacqueline Shaw's favourite classic opera pearl necklace. The length of the opera pearl necklace makes it perfect to wear as a single strand hanging gracefully to your waist, or as a double strand - twice around the neck at the classic 'princess' pearl necklace length - a look spotted in TV series Mad Men or movie The Help.

Of course you could also wear it with a single knot in front which is also a very popular style.

Last but not least, the magnetic clasp that we use for this necklace also means that you can get a bit more creative - double the strand and twist them a few times, then connect the loop at the end easily with the magnetic clasp, and voila you have a gorgeous double strand twisted collar pearl necklace, this look is similar to our treble strand pearl collar, the Viona necklace which also has three strands of pearls twisted together that sits tightly around the neck.

The 115 pearls hand picked for Katherine Hepburn necklace are cultured in freshwater - just like all our other jewellery - and are rated at AAA. They are perfectly round in shape with 98% flawless surface and have a lovely harmonious cream overtone.

Thanks to its versatile style, Katherine Hepburn would be a great choice as a wedding pearl necklace and you can wear it whichever way that works best for your wedding dress. It can also be worn with many other styles so it's a lovely investment regardless!

Pearl colour
Pearl size
0.27" - 0.32" (7 - 8mm)
Pearl shape
Pearl overtone
Pearl lustre
Pearl quality rating
Number of Pearls
37" (94cm)
Secure sterling silver bean shaped clasp
Hand-knotted, metal string enhancement at ends
Our Price
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